Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Aw a reply I didn't expect! :)

Hello Steph,

Thanks for the lovely email.

Glad you liked the talk, that's great to hear.

I'm afraid I find it really, really hard to crit peoples work, I guess that's why I don't teach!
I'm good at giving advice about how to get into illustration and how to find work and how to cost jobs etc...
I'm also too busy to answer every email asking for advice I'm afraid!
I'd need a coup[le of hours a day to answer every email!
What I do is, if people are really keen and willing to come to my studio once they've graduated, I'll chat to you for an hour about illustration and give you advice.
That's the best I can offer I'm afraid.

Thanks for getting in touch and all the best!

Mr Bingo
What a nice guy!!!  And really nice to get a response from someone!Bit of a confidence boost even if I didn't get any feedback - nice to get some contact in the professional world!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Still waiting...

So I'm still waiting for my LLW mag ... can't wait!